Three Things #31

For all of your wonderful Southern Hemisphere friends and family – Spring has finally sprung (apologies Northerners, but Winter is coming). Since the sun has finally starting to shine again it has not only boosted our spirits, but also the creativity and insights of those legendary kids around us!

Let’s get into this week’s Three Things we’ve been taught by kids…


Thing #1 – Year One Boy

“Why would you say excuse me, when you can hug someone and say squeeze me?!”


It’s true, a bear hug is pretty hard to beat.


Thing #2 – Year Six Girl

“It feels like you belong just by the teachers knowing your name…”

Standing Out.jpg

It only takes a small bit of effort, but makes a huge impact.


Thing #3 – Year Two Boy

A fart is just a sneeze people don’t really understand”


I’d still prefer if kids simply sneezed in class.


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