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What’s with the name Upgrade Think Learn?

If there’s one thing teachers face enough of, it’s change. Change can tricky and daunting. It can feel like you don’t know, or have to take on all of these new, unknown things. However, upgrading isn’t as scary. It’s about tweaking, adjusting or adding onto the skills and knowledge we already have.

If we can upgrade our thinking, we upgrade our learning. When we learn it means we can help, inspire and engage others.

That’s why I became a teacher, to building positive relationships, create strong communities and help any student or teacher discover, recognise and unleash their strengths, skills and potential.

Upgrade Think Learn was created with this passion and purpose in mind. To share real and meaningful ways to help any teacher, school leader or parent out there engage, inspire and, yes, even have fun.

You’ll notice that Upgrade Think Learn is split into two key sections Teachers and School of Dadhood. Whilst the audiences might seem different, since becoming a dad my teaching skills, strategies and knowledge have served me well with my two daughters. Both areas are focused on sharing real stories, ideas and actions to help readers out there.

So, why not make a start by exploring some posts? Check out Teachers or School of Dadhood.

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It’s great to have you here.


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