A Letter to a Surprising Role Model

Bluey, you’re a sight for sore eyes.

It’s official. Move over Wiggles, there’s a new group of four taking over.

They’re not as tall, and slightly hairier, but they definitely know how to engage kids…and inspire any adults watching. Particularly dads, because for the first time there is a dad on TV who actually speaks to me.

(And with over 21 million views of episodes since October of last year, Bluey is connecting with a lot of people).

In case you haven’t come across it, Bluey is an animated TV show on ABC about a six-year-old blue heeler (yep, that’s Bluey) and her family. 

Simply put, this show is bloody great for anyone, big or small. While it looks like a kids show, it is safe to say it has had an impact on all of my family, in particular myself as a dad. 

So much so, a letter of thanks was in order.

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A Letter to Bluey and Her Amazing Male Role Model

Dear Bluey (and Family),

Thank God you’re back.

It’s been a while and I have to say, you’re a welcome sight for sore eyes. Not only because I’m going back through the newborn period with Bub Number Two, but due to a very special gap I’ve noticed you fill.

What I call the ‘Good Dad Gap’.

I don’t mean a gap where I simply chuck on another episode and let it be the dad. No, no, dear, Bluey. I mean the fact you fill a very large gap that seems to exist on TV and in the media.

A man who is hands on, involved AND competent at what he is doing.

Now, Bluey, I know you’re only six, but with Spotify and Netflix there is a near infinite number of shows out there…yet, none seem to have a male role model that I actually relate to (or want to be more like).

Bluey, you can imagine my surprise when I first turned on this children’s show and discovered a dad that was both like me, and what I aspired to be.

In case you can’t, picture your dad, Bandit, staring wide-eyed with a massive grin across his face.

What started out as a kid’s show suddenly became a family show for all involved.

As a dad I don’t know if I’ve ever seen another kind of male role model like this on mainstream TV.

Bluey, take a bit of time to thank your dad (and mum) from me. I know it can be tricky to know what to say, so I thought a couple of sentences within this letter might help.

Thank you for showing that there are dads out there who want to be – and are – involved in their kids lives. For showing we can be silly, have fun, make (and learn from) mistakes we all make as parents.

Bluey, don’t forget to tell your mum and dad thank you for showing how important imaginative play is to building up confident, connected and creative kids, parents and families. For how it can bring you together and remind you of what is really important.

Bandit and Chilli, thank you for showing trust in each other and being a team. Even when you’re a little bit frustrated. Every family knows just important it is for us to feel we are backed up by those around us.

(Plus, they show how tiring it is to be a parent, regardless of who you are).

Thank you for bringing to (animated) life a positive male role model that dads around Australia can both see themselves in and keep being inspired by. Because, if there’s something we definitely need more of, it’s positive male role models right now.

Yours with great thanks and high fives,


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