It’s Time For Our End of Season Party!

We bloody did it. Gather up team, we bloody conquered them all.
We vanquished the opposition: those dastardly reports.
We, again, are the victors at the end of another Report Writing Season.

Kissing Goodbye
There seems to be a moment that happens to me towards the end of every season when I suddenly realise I get back more of my normal life.

Kids Losing It
And like all athletes, I’m going to go out there and say I love the off-season. That time just after reports are finished, but before holidays kick in (don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome when holidays kick in) and you can see the figurative light at the end of the tunnel (as well as a little bit more literal light due to the Winter Solstice passing us by).

(And yes, for anyone who isn’t a teacher reading this, we do get brilliant holidays. Yes, you’re more than welcome to get them too if you can bring your A-Game to become a teacher).

It’s during this time when I look at my phone and remember I have friends who aren’t teachers. When I remember I have a life again…one that is more than school, writing reports, checking reports, double checking reports, checking in with students to triple check reports and generally trying to convince myself I’m not ridiculously tired.


Haha! I don’t even know what day it is today.

It’s after that pure moment of joy at the end of reports where I jump off the couch, a la Tom Cruise (dancing like Katie Holmes is watching) and start hanging out with my wife and two year old daughter, knowing I don’t have to switch off those thoughts about:

  • That kid doing that behaviour during that time on that day I forgot to follow up
  • Reminding that colleague to complete the thing they had previously said they would do, but keep forgetting
  • Finding funny videos that somehow connect to dependent clauses (do such things exist?)
  • Missing library this week and remembering to recommend Percy Jackson to those two slightly disengaged readers in my class
  • Clarifying what tackling actually means at school during footy on the oval to a group of Year Ones who keep forgetting
  • Revising what a trinomial is to extend those couple of kids in maths
  • Sending out a parent update that is informative, not boring and slightly funny (well, subjectively funny…or just funny to me – which is also fine)

Or that moment when I book in a catch up with mates that might go – wait for it – later than 10pm (places still stay open past then, right?).

There’s a moment of pride whenever we get to the end of this report writing season.
After much research, soul searching and reflection, I think it’s about time we do something as a teaching community to acknowledge this.
Something positive.
Something bloody fun.
Something end of termy. (Yes, that’s a word. No, I’m not confident in that assertion).


I’m pretty sure that’s not a word. Yep, it isn’t.

Teachers, it’s time. Time for us to start an inaugural End of [Reports] Season Party.
Because we’ve done some pretty amazing things over these last two terms…and we need to celebrate that.
Here’s what I’m thinking. Wherever you are, this coming Saturday 30th June it’s time for a get together.

Our learning intention?

To laugh, enjoy and properly celebrate an amazing group and personal effort so far.

The success criteria?

We can enjoy a cheeky celebratory drink with friends, colleagues and other random teachers.
We can high five, toast a cheers and make someone laugh.
We can share something that well went for us with those around us.
We can stay out later than 9:30pm.


We got this.

Teachers, let’s do this. Get your figurative mortarboards, literal friends and head on down to some fine establishment/home to celebrate. Anyone in Melbourne, let’s hit up The National Hotel in Richmond this Saturday afternoon, the 30th June, from 3pm – you choose when it ends!
Teachers all across Australia and the world over, we need you too! Let’s do this End of [Reports] Season Party across all our states – share where you’ll be on our Facebook page or group, make it known, get some celebrations happening and share the celebratory pictures with us all!


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4 Replies to “It’s Time For Our End of Season Party!”

    1. Thanks rhinophile – surely teachers shouldn’t need too much of an excuse to celebrate the end of reports and start of holidays! I think this time of year could become a glorious new tradition for us all!!

      1. I’ve only just started back teaching this month, however I’ll make sure I’m around for the end of year break up! ☺️

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