Three Things #36

As the school year wraps up, we get to this point where we look back over the year that’s been. In our class we go back to where we started from…finding out what students think a great teacher can do for their learning and time at school. These last two weeks has led to us sharing our thoughts from the beginning of the year and seeing how they’ve changed or stayed the same.

It’s safe to say, the thoughts, ideas and insights we get from kids about great teaching is always amazing to hear…sometimes completely from left field (enjoy Thing Three), but always insightful!


Thing #1 – Year 3 Girl

“A great teacher still loves school”


It’s what we make of it…for us and our students.

Thing #2 – Year 4 Girl

“‘A great teacher makes learning feel real”

Kid Smiling

Bring on real learning!


Thing #3 – Year 3 Boy

“A great teacher is good at ignoring some things… there’re a lot of farts in classrooms


The key is to just keep moving. Never stop moving.

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