I’m Pretty Sure My Daughter is a Legend…According to Daycare Updates

I love getting updates from my daughter’s childcare. Granted, it might not be for the same reasons as others…I have to admit that when that email notification pops up I just know there is going to be some piece of gold waiting to be discovered.

With our globally connected world we have access to nearly anything, whenever we want. I’m not interested in global affairs or changes to equality within Australia, not when I could be finding out about my daughter’s exploration of the sandpit.

Sandpit Sculptures.jpg

The sandpits in daycares have certainly changed since my time.

I also have to admit, every time I get an update it pretty much solidifies my certainty of my daughter’s pure genius. You may be doubtful, but I have digital updates as proof! Yes, she eats sand, mud and fluff, BUT, she also generates a sense of community in others and actively promotes healthy living – not bad for a 14 month old.

With that in mind, I thought this week it’s time to celebrate some of the greatest, most interesting updates from daycare so far…


Confident Role Modelling

Today Little T and I engaged in conversation about the importance of sun safety, and putting our sunscreen and hat in. She helped me apply sunscreen and confidently wore her hat around the yard, role modelling to her friends the importance of sun safety. 

That’s right, role modelling. We set high expectations here in our house hold. If we’re not role modelling we’re confidently role modelling. #killingit.

Role Model.gif

Cafe Independence 

The group have been going down to the cafe for lunch every week now. The children are now really comfortable with the process, and it has become a part of our routine.  Our younger children make their way down to the cafe by lift and those that can confidently walk, take the stairs.

I have been wondering why I’ve been seeing these random groups of 1-2 year olds popping up in cafes…and in lifts. I’m just impressed with the independence. The coffee addiction is definitely affecting our wallets though.

Kids Losing It

After a round of triple espressos the whole class was ready for some learning.

Bell Ringers

I watched how you welcomed X to our group. You were so hospitable. You talked to her with your babbles and shared your chosen object to play with. I watched how you rang the yellow bell and then handed it to X. X gladly accepted your bell and replied to you with smiles and babbles.

Not only is she a deadset legend, she even shares bells. I wish more people were getting around sharing bells, it would make the streets much safer, friendlier and harmonically soothing. When in doubt, just share your bell.

Bell Ringing.gif

Even Gary Busey loves sharing some bell ringing. More betterer world here we come.


As a new dad in the ridiculous world of dadhood, getting those updates and comments from daycare not only gives you a chance for a giggle, it also makes you realise how lucky I am to have such incredible staff looking after my child. Having a team of people who not only care about our kids, but make the effort to share what’s going on with every single kid is pretty amazing.

(I’m fairly certain my parents didn’t get this sort of access into what I was up to as a little one year old. Though having just called my parents, they said I most likely just sat there and ate everything. My ‘Discovery Portfolio’ would have become boring quite quickly).

I’ll happily keep those notifications coming and enjoy the updates. Especially those focused around independently hitting up a cafe…I just wonder how much longer till she can go get me a coffee in the morning?

Got some of your own interesting, awesome or memorable daycare updates? Don’t forget to comment and share them below!



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