Three Things #34

With the final term of the year now approaching the half way mark you start to realise just how far the kids at school have come along. Yes, their reading, writing and maths are progressing, but importantly, their personalities, sense of humour and ability to connect with others is also progressing.

Yep, it’s at that point of the year where their doing some amazing things…and then in six weeks we have to pass them onto someone else and kick things off with a brand new batch of legends. (Though, I have to say, when I heard Thing Three I became realised we might have to go back over some things from earlier in the year).

Here’s Three Things we’ve discovered from kids…

Thing #1 – Year 2 Boy

“Teachers are like superheroes…but without the capes.”


We need to get that onto every mug in our staff room. Right now.

Thing #2 – Year 6 Boy


“I feel like since you became a dad your jokes have gotten way worse…”

Child Making Joke

That gets me right in the heart. Right. In. The. Heart. (But it’s true).


Thing #3 – Year 4 Boy

“Do I spell ‘Einstein’ with one ‘F’ or two?”


What? Seriously?!

Heard your own great quotes from kids? We’d love to hear any great quotes or things you’ve overheard!

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