Three Things #33

It’s been an eventful time here at Upgrade Think Learn. We’ve not only survived our first ever first birthday for The Little One, but we’ve also finally managed to eat the last of the cupcakes – let’s be honest, it was a great excuse to bring out all the favourite foods of our childhood! We’re now in the beginning of Term Four, ready and raring to kick goals and enjoy the final few weeks with the class…and countdown till Christmas Day (70 days for all you playing out there).

Without further ado, let’s bring on Three Things we’ve been taught by kids…

Thing #1 – Year 1 Girl

“How long would you have to get a piggy back for to become a pig?”

Helping People.jpeg

I believe the rule of thumb is six weeks. Or minutes. Or seconds? I can’t remember.

Thing #2 – Year 3 Boy


“I wouldn’t want to have super strength…I love throwing things at my little brother and it could get out of hand”


A considerate big brother is a crucial ally.


Thing #3 – Year 4 Boy

“So, it’s pretty much Christmas…does that mean we still have to do work?”


Man, we’ve still got 10 weeks to go and I’m already dodging these questions…

We’d love to hear any great quotes or things you’ve overheard by kids!



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  1. I’ve had a cold this week, and one of my Year 4 boys came to me and said, “Miss B, you know how you’ve been unwell? Well my mum was unwell and now she found out she’s pregnant!”


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