Three Things #29

I don’t know about you, but Term Three is bloody great. Class expectations, routines and culture are strong and you feel like you really know the kids in your class. Plus the days are getting longer…let’s be honest, it’s pretty much Summer now. Maybe.

Let’s add to that little bit of positive thinking with this week’s Three Things we’ve been taught by kids…

Thing #1 – Year 3 Boy

“Mr Steele, it’s almost like you make us freeze in ridiculous poses during games of ‘Statues’”

Ballerina Posing - Hudson Hintze Photo.jpg

They’re onto me.


Thing #2 – Year 3 Girl

“Is it windier for tall people walking down the street?”

Man Thinking - Nik Shuliahin Photo.jpg

No? Yes? I seriously haven’t stopped thinking about this since Tuesday.

Thing #3 – Year 3 Boy

“You looked so normal when I saw you on the weekend…”

Surprised Kid - Ben White Photo.jpg

Thanks. I think.

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