Three Things #28

Well, unfortunately, the end of semester has come and a two week holiday has been forced upon us teachers. Yes, I know, what a travesty. Whilst it is incredibly hard to step away from our classrooms and spend time with family and friends, I think it’s safe to say we’re all willing to put in the necessary hard work of socialising outside of school.

With holidays entering our lives again, I was lucky enough to have kids share Three Things they love about holidays during a wintry yard duty in our final week of school…

Thing #1 – Year 1 Girl

“Chocolate… whenever you can sneak it”

Chocolate - Jennifer Pallian.jpg
It’s like there’s a second stomach just for chocolate.



Thing #2 – Year 4 Boy

“Staying up so late you don’t even know if you’re asleep or awake

Sleepy - Dakota Corbin.jpg
The ol’ slightly asleep awake feeling – a signature of holidays!




Thing #3 – Year 4 Girl

“Seeing how many things I can bounce onto the roof from my trampoline”

Jumping - Joshua Earle
The key is to perfect your double bouncing timing.


Got any quotable quotes from legendary kids? We’d love to hear from you!


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