Three Things #26

Yes, time is ridiculously quick when you look back on it. The halfway point of the school year is already here and I genuinely have no idea where it has gone…though quite a few days months have that newborn baby sleep reduction filter (soon to be released on Instagram we’ve heard).

As the year passes with a classroom full of inquisitive, energetic kids it’s great seeing the different personalities emerge – along with their insights and epiphanies.  Here’s this week’s Three Things we’ve received straight from the mouths of insightful kids…

Thing #1 – Year 4 Boy

“Mr Steele, thinking about how we think about thinking makes my head hurt sometimes”

Kid Smiling
You can’t overthink thinking…I think.

Thing #2 – Year 3 Girl

“So, could we start making some hoverboards next term?’

Hovering Skateboard.jpg

I can see that magnetic topic in Science has made an impact!


Thing #3 – Year 2 Girl

“The thing is, why wouldn’t we try?”

Why Wouldnt We Try.jpg
I agree, oh Wise One.


Got any quotable quotes from legendary kids? We’d love to hear from you!




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