Three Things #25

It’s been a pretty interesting week here at Upgrade Think Learn. While the cold weather is beginning to figuratively punch us in the face, the wonderful kids in my class are doing the opposite. It’s pretty amazing watching a group of kids start to gel together and see just how amazing school can be when we’re all in it together.

Here’s this week’s Three Things we’ve learned from kids being legendary kids…

Thing #1 – Year 4 Girl

“I never knew I could do it, until I stopped telling myself I couldn’t do it”

Time to tell ourselves, why wouldn’t we try?


Thing #2 – Year 3 Boy

“How good is it when you get someone to smile just coz’ you helped them?”

Sometimes we’ve just gotta reach out and help someone.

Thing #3 – Year 1 Girl

“I tried spinning like a fidget spinner last night…the vomit in my mouth made me stop”

Fidget Spinner.jpg
Pure, pure evil (and awesomeness)…but mainly evil.



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