Three Things #23

It’s been a pretty interesting week here at Upgrade Think Learn. With my childhood home sold earlier this month I’ve felt a little uncertain about what’s in store for the future…which is the perfect time to get some clear and relevant advice from primary school aged kids.

Here’s this week’s Three Things we’ve received from kids during this week’s conversations and wonderings…

Thing #1 – Year 3 Girl

“If you have family you have a home wherever they are”

Family is the home


Thing #2 – Year 6 Girl

I think of a home as a place where I can be myself – where do you feel like you can be you?

Somewhere with banter, laughter…and a basketball.

Thing #3 – Year 4 Boy

“Well, our school can always be another home for you Mr Steele!”

Legend. Absolute legend.



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