Three Things #20

This last week has been an interesting one. We’ve been really jumping headfirst into thinking about our thinking…which had many people scratching their heads at first! It has been incredible watching them realise just how many different ways we can explain, strategise and show how and what we think about.

During yard duty, I couldn’t help but try out some more thinking about thinking with more kids. Here’s this week’s Three Things we’ve received from kids during these conversations and wonderings…

Thing #1 – Year 4 Girl

“If everyone was as smart as Hermoine from Harry Potter we’d already have flying cars.”

We definitely need more Hermoines!


Thing #2 – Year 1 Boy

I know I’m learning because I can read ALL these books to my Mum and Dad!

Hearing things like that is why we teach

Thing #3 – Year 3 Girl

Maths doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to work to see the patterns.

The student has very much become the teacher 


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