Three Things #19

Well, Summer has officially ended…it was nice knowing you. Thanks for all of the extra freckles, ice cream, stormy afternoons and swimming opportunities. You’re welcome back any time.

Hello Autumn, you cheeky devil. Bring on piles of leaves (and near broken bones due to jumping in piles that aren’t nearly as deep as you thought), ridiculous colours and those perfect slightly cool warm days. As the kids told me this week, it isn’t the end of the world as Summer is just going away for a little bit!

Here’s this week’s Three Things we’ve learned from kids being kids…

Thing #1 – Year 5 Boy

“Imagine if we could control gravity…I could, like, drink stuff upside down!”

Ah. I feel that power might be a little bit wasted…?

Thing #2 – Year 2 Girl

“Did you know I have already seen 5 leaves that look like my dad? Big, round and shiny!”

Red Leaves.jpg
Well, I can see you’ve been working on your adjectives!

Thing #3 – Prep Girl

“Excuse me, can you be my school dad?’”

School is incredible when we have a massive family around us.



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