Three Things #18

During this last week we have begun to be introduced to the idea of growth mindsets in our class. Needless to say there has been some head scratching, epiphanising (yep, that’s a word…maybe) and all round curiousity as we wrap our heads around this big idea.

We couldn’t help but share some of the insights we’ve had from kids into what they’ve discovered and wanted to query this week.

Here’s this week’s Three Things we’ve learned from kids being kids…

Thing #1 – Year 3 Girl

“I found 16 mistakes in my writing…that’s 16 ways to get better!”

Bring on the mistakes! (And learning from them…of course)


Thing #2 – Year 4 Girl

“Getting smarter is like pumping up a basketball, except I don’t want my head to burst”

Please don’t burst your head.

Thing #3 – Year 4 Girl

“I used to think I was an ‘art person’, now I think I’m an ‘any person’”

Any Girl.jpg
Bring on discovering more about this ‘any person’!


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