Three Things #17

Well, we are coming towards the end of Summer. Yes, colder weather, shorter days and less swimming opportunities…but I’m also looking forward to less sweaty (and smelly) kids. Hey, you’ve always got to focus on the positives!

I hope you’re all able to see some positives ahead of you too. If not just consider this: it is almost the next weekend already! You’ve earned it!

Here’s this week’s Three Things we’ve learned from kids being kids…

Thing #1 – Year 3 Boy

“I never thought I was a good speller, but it’s like basketball, you’ve just gotta practise!”

Basketball: the greatest link to learning ever.

Thing #2 – Year 6 Girl

“Mr Steele, how many more push ups do you think I can do than you?”

Push Up Contest.jpg
Gotta love (and be slightly terrified) by the confidence…

Thing #3 – Year 4 Girl

“Maths isn’t impossible, unless you give up”

An amazing way of looking at maths…and the world. 


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