Three Things #16

School is officially back as we finish up our first full week with kids. Whilst it has only been a short time, I couldn’t help but get some interesting insights into the class I’ll have for this year…though I think from the sounds of Thing #1, we need to get into some similes and metaphors asap.

Here’s this week’s Three Things we’ve learned from the mouths and brains of kids…

Thing #1 – Year 4 Girl

“Man of Steele? More like Man of…(looks at friend) something that isn’t steel”


Thing #2 – Year 3 Girl

“I just felt my brain grow a little bit!”

Kid Amazed.jpg
You’re getting brainier by the second!

Thing #3 – Year 2 Boy

“Did you know I’m half ninja? That’s why I’m so good at jumping”

Kid Ninja Jumping.jpg
For the sake of our class, thank God you’re not full ninja…


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