Three Things #15

What a week it has been! It is safe to say that we were glad to see the weekend come for relaxingly busy times with friends and family! Sometimes the honesty, genuine curiousity and ridiculous questions kids ask makes me laugh for days on end…particularly when you overhear a kid lose his business over a cloud.

Here’s this week’s Three Things we’ve learned from kids being kids…

Thing #1 – Year 2 Boy

Mum this pie is great, but did you just see that CLOUD?!

It’s the simple stuff that entertains, right?

Thing #2 – Year 3 Boy

Do you think upside down umbrellas would make good baby pools?”

Kid in Bath.jpg
Definitely! (And it would probably be more fun than the bucket we use)

Thing #3 – Year 1 Girl

“Do adults listen to you?”

Do Adults Listen to You?.jpg
Sometimes, but not sure what they really hear…


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