A Possible Unexpected Silver Lining of President Trump

Okay, please don’t think for a minute that I am happy about that bloke getting into the highest office over in America.

Far from it.

I think I just vomited a little bit.

For the last week, since the inauguration, I’ve felt fairly concerned and despondent.

As a person who went into education, I genuinely believe in not only assisting others to achieve more than they ever thought possible, but also that a crucial aspect of life is to leave the world better than you found it.

Earth: we’ve only got one, so don’t be an idiot.


Without getting too high on my “New Parent Pedestal”, these feelings have kicked into a slightly higher gear since actually having a daughter who will be around to face the consequences of my and my parents’ generations.


Particularly when she is little bub, who will become a little girl, who will become a woman.

Not my little bub, but you get the idea.

I’m not going to lie, as a white male, I was pretty certain we had peaked in our level of unawareness and were ready to start to bridge the gap between us and…well, everyone.

Particularly women.

Then this last week happened.

Decisions were made.
Executive orders were signed.

Pictures of rich, white men smiling over orders were taken.
Rights of women went back another few decades.

It seemed all doom and gloom, and I’m not going to lie, in some ways it was.

But then something really amazing occurred to me while talking to the incredibly intelligent, courageous, creative and fiercely powerful women throughout my family.

The ridiculous orange-faced man in the White House has fired up something in all of them.

In every woman I speak to.

In every father of a daughter out there.

In all of us.

Don’t believe me? Type in “Women’s March” and see how many black, white, brown, green, pink and blue women AND men are standing and marching together.


If there is any silver lining to take out of the last week it is that we may have finally passed the tipping point of inaction.

Yes, it is true we very much have a long way to go.

But I am so glad that my daughter is going to be surrounded by so many passionate women (and men) who will not only continue to stand and fight for her, but instill a mindset, belief and willingness to act for equality in all its forms.

Their future isn’t set by any means, and the more people I continue to speak to, the more hopeful I become.


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