Three Things #13

One of the greatest things about a family holiday is the ridiculously entertaining and funny stories, insights and anecdotes that take place. Whilst it wasn’t planned in any way shape or form, I couldn’t help but base this week’s Three Things on some amazing insights shared by my ingenious cousins during our family holiday.

(Sometimes I have to remember that these are little humans shedding light on some huge ideas I never even considered at their age)

Here’s this week’s Three Things we’ve learned from kids…


Thing #1 – Year 7 Girl

“There’s more intelligence out there than just what’s on a test”

Exam Being Completed.jpg
Truer things have never been said!


Thing #2 – Year 4 Girl

“Sometimes I think people see a different side of me when I write a story”

Writing a Story.jpg
Nothing is better than losing yourself in a great story


Thing #3 – Year 2 Girl

“Why are adults always in a rush?”

People in a Rush.jpg
Maybe we need kids to teach mindfulness in every company?



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