Three Things #12

So, I need to be honest. New Year’s Day probably wasn’t the best day to piece together some amazing insights I had received during the final month of school…fuzziness and slight confusion were key parts of the day.

But, not anymore!

Bring on a new year, new energy and new insights from amazing kids. Though I will say I was completely confused when hearing one of these whilst strolling on yard duty during the final week of school…you try and work out which one it was!

This week’s Three Things come straight to you from the minds and imagination of kids…

Thing #1 – Year Four Boy

If I had three wishes I would only need one: a never ending Slip’n’Slide”

Aladdin had it all wrong…

Thing #2 – Year Three Girl

Whenever I’m stuck on a maths problem I just remember you can’t EVER do it if you give up”

Child Not Giving Up.jpg
You are an absolute legend!

Thing #3 – Year Two Boy

So, you know how X-Men is based on the bible?”

Ah, of course, the Gospel of X-Men, yes, continue.

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