Three Things #11

During this week something amazing happened, we wrapped up another school year. It’s ridiculous how quickly the year has passed…even with a three month old making some nights feel a bit longer.

The kids I’ve been working with all year are moving onward and upward. It’s one of my favourite times of year – one that is incredibly satisfying, as you see how far the kids have come, whilst also being disappointing knowing you may never see them again.

With the senior students I taught officially now achieving “Graduate Status”, it’s only fitting that this week’s Three Things revolve around their insights.

This week’s Three Things come straight to you from the legends I was lucky enough to teach this year…


Thing #1 – Year Six Girl

“Thank you for helping me remember the real me, it’s someone I’ve missed for a while”

Real Me.jpg
Are you seriously in Year Six?!


Thing #2 – Year Six Boy

“I wish every teacher knew how helpful it is when they believe in us”

We all need someone to believe in us, right?

Thing #3 – Year Six Girl

“I know I’m only a kid, but I’m going to change my world
by fighting every negative thing around me with positivity”

It all starts with how we see the world in front of us



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