Three Things #10

Well, it is official, I have been given the green light to begin the Christmas count down in our house…out loud that is. (The countdown has already been underway since my birthday earlier in the year).

With the Silly Season not too far away, it makes sense that we receive some creative inspiration from insightful kids during this final week of November. I have to be honest, when I heard Thing Three I had to wait 5 whole minutes to prevent laughter interrupting our conversation.

Let’s get into this week’s Three Things we’ve learned from kids…

Thing One – Year Three Boy

“The greatest thing about ice cream is… everything”

Ice Cream.jpg
Kid’s a genius.

Thing Two – Year Three Girl

When Harry Potter flies on a broomstick, do you think he feels guilty for not sweeping?

Harry Potter.png
Not a chance. Look at him.

Thing Three – Prep Girl

“If I licked every piece of grass on the oval, would I turn green?”

How else could The Hulk have been created?!



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