Three Things #7

I don’t know about you, but here at Upgrade Think Learn, when we read through these insights of kids, I’m reminded to think outside the box. This week is no different. Featuring leaves, clouds and even a little bit of nose picking, we are sure there is something for everyone!

Let’s get into this week’s Three Things that kids have taught us. Thing Two may, or may not have, inspired us into action…purely as a way to entertain my daughter, of course.

Thing One – Year One Girl

“FaceTime is dangerous because people see when you’re picking your nose”

Nose Picking.jpg
It’s important to learn from our mistakes


Thing Two – Prep Boy

(Cue somersaulting into a pile of leaves)

I may have done this when I got home too


Thing Three – Year Two Boy

How many clouds would you need to catch to be able to float?”

Imagination: the greatest thing ever.


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