Three Things #6

Well, here at Upgrade Think Learn we have made it to a milestone: we’ve not only joined the ranks of dadhood, but also somehow made it through the first six weeks! To be honest, this is completely due to my amazing wife being all around amazing. Plus our daughter doesn’t mind a feed…or ten.

Either way, we’ve seemed to make it through the the first six weeks of the sleep deprivation fog – only 18 more years to go (they instantly become perfect at 18, right?).

Let’s get into this week’s Three Things that kids have taught us. I personally think Thing Three is pure gold and will continue to have many more insightful chats with that young gentleman!

Thing One – Year One Girl

“If only maths was like hot dogs I would really pay attention”

Hot dogs…absolute pure joy.

Thing Two – Year Five Girl

“Mr Steele, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Not sure I ever will, but thank you!


Thing Three – Year Three Boy

“Friends are like Pokemon Go, you can’t catch them all unless you go searching!”

The search begins!

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