Three Things #4

It’s been an eventful week here at Upgrade Think Learn. I’ve survived my first week back at work from paternity leave (which had me in a strange hazy state of mind) and I’ve also still somehow remembered to note down the great insights offered from the kids I work with…

(To be honest, there was originally five things, but it was finally reduced this morning!)

Thing One – Year 1 Girl

“My mum says I should help people coz’ it’s the right thing to do…but she never said it was fun too”

Helping People.jpeg
Sometimes you get more than you give

Thing Two – Year 5 Boy

“You know why art is cool? No one can tell you it is wrong”

Art: who knows what you’ll create



Thing Three – Year 4 Girl

“Dodgeball is like the Hunger Games, but safer…except when you play with Grade Sixes”

May the odds be in your favour…or perish!


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