Three Things #3

This week’s Three Things are sponsored by innovation, creative thinking and honesty – get a warm glass of that into you every day to clear up your sinuses and thinking!

Try some innovation, creative thinking and honesty today!

Thing Number One – Year 3 Girl

“Don’t forget to put butter on the toast when you make breakfast…otherwise you’ll end up on the naughty step”

Naughty Step.jpg
Never, ever forget the butter. Source: Ben Salter, Flickr


Thing Number Two – Year 2 Boy

“Learning a new word is like eating the best ice cream, but with books”

Ice Cream.gif
The discovery of a new word is so, so sweet

Thing Number Three – Year 5 Boy

“When you take risks you should know what could go wrong, but also think about ways to stop it happening…which means good risks don’t actually feel like a risk”

Risk taking.jpg

And that’s the three things we’ve been taught by kids this week!

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