Three Things #1

Every Sunday we love to bring you three things we have discovered while working and chatting with our ingenious, creative and curious students throughout the week. Sometimes they are quite poetic, while at other times they cut straight to the point, but they always help remind us to think a little bit differently.

Thing One

“Listening doesn’t always mean you are hearing”

“When you stop to ask someone how they are, I know if they are actually listening to me…just stop and look at me, that’s all I need sometimes”


Thing Two

“Slides are better when you use them both ways”

“You see, Mr Steele, slides are obviously made to go up and down, it’s just the teachers and parents that won’t let us do it. Imagine all of the things we could be doing if there weren’t teachers or parents stopping us?!”


Thing Three

“A thumbs up is like a hug from far away”

“You know those times when it just seems like lunch is never going to come around? Well, whenever my mate sees me rubbing my stomach he points at the clock and gives me a thumbs up. It’s better than a hug from my dad!”

I’m not sure about you, but I’m heading off now to give someone a thumbs up, while going up a slide and listening to find out how their day really was.

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